Emergency Response Teams


When Sunset Bay landscaping Inc. was asked to participate in providing aid during our terrible hurricane storm season, we made the commitment to be there as the storm approached.


Our staff mobilized the evening of each storm, procuring food, water tents, and sleeping bags. We were on scene in the early morning hours after the storm’s completion and provided much-needed first aid, water and food for hurricane victims who lost everything in our immediate designated location.

We had never been involved in such a devastation to life, home and property. We were the first teams summoned to Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. Our staff heeded the call and cleared the way for the National Guard and Florida Light and Power at Port Charlotte Town Center Mall, providing them safe clear space to set up their extensive command headquarters.


Our commitment is real. We have been there for Charlie, Francis, Ivan and Jean. It was truly an honor being involved helping serve our great state of Florida. We are committed to be there any time the need arises.

From our management team and our employees, we pray for the many new friends we have met along the way.