Tree and Arborist Work


Proper tree care is essential for growth and beauty of your property. Sunset Bay Landscaping Inc. offers complete tree service from trimming and thinning to removal and stump grinding.

Our technicians are trained in proper Arborist pruning techniques to ensure your trees continued have growth and beauty.

Tree Trimming and Thinning


Florida’s ecosystem offers a wide variety of trees that require periodic thinning and pruning to insure proper growth, beauty and safety.

Florida’s beautiful and protected oaks are one of our signature landscape features. Special care is needed to insure the preservation of this species.

Sunset Bay Landscaping Inc.’s experienced climbers can beautify your home or business with our special pruning and thinning, lifting the canopies to allow better sunlight penetration to the turf below.

Special care in pruning will save your trees in the event of high winds or hurricanes, perhaps saving thousands of dollars in damage.